Looking at the three AURACOLOGY® icons, the everyday is left behind. They are able to pull us into the now. These energy images have the power to energetically recharge body, mind and soul. As a reflection of our intuitive selves, they reconnect us with the deep secrets of existence. They act as the gateway to our spiritual strength in a world that is unimaginable in everyday life. The lucid symbols are reflections of the sky from which our innermost potential shimmers and tone our chakras to align and open for newly found energy. Energies that reconnect and harmonize us with nature’s beauty and strength.

AURACOLOGY® icons are seals of bliss and powerful talismans that flood us and our surroundings with light, protect our soul, let our heart shine and lead us to the center of our happiness…

Life is a continuous cycle of giving and receiving energy. Through which the feeling of sincere gratitude plays a substantial role in bringing all the abundance, comfort and happiness into life that you desire- and that you deserve. Feel the high vibrations of gratitude in you, so that a harmonious flow of give and take arises.

Science has proven that the vibrational frequency of gratitude alters the molecular structure of the brain and nourishes our DNA with greater amounts of atoms. We know that a basic attitude of gratitude positively supports the physical vital functions of our “gray cells” and lets us become overall happier and healthier. Gratitude and positive feelings can reshape our world. The energy of each individual influences the collective vibration field.

“Gratitude is like medicine. It is one of the highest vibrations, the universal power and the key to healing.” Mel


“People are children of the stars”

The Mel Weisweiler star symbol indicates our stellar origin. It symbolizes the principle of the analogy: “As above, so below. As inside, so outside. Like the mind, so is the body. Like the universe, so is the soul. ” The star is the symbol of the universal light that reveals cosmic and heavenly truths. If we rotate the logo and join it several times, the powerful symbol of gratitude is created, which embodies the universal principle: Everything is interwoven with everything. The sacred icons are embedded in a clover leaf shape. It is an energizing, sacred symbol that we encounter all over the world in ancient temples, cathedrals or aged farmhouses. The ‘sacred geometry’ is the light language of creation, the divine blueprint according to which our body and the universe are built. It corresponds to a subordinate light structure, the sacred or perfect measure of matter.

Symbols and patterns influence our mind. The use of information through signs and symbols has always been an essential part of medicine. Powerful symbols let our minds be “upgraded higher”. Their transcendent power brings coded light to our desire for manifestation, awakens our spiritual selves and connects us with the singular field of our divine being: unconditional love in oneness. Signs shaped by light such as Buddha, Maria or Ganesha carry the energy they stand for. Therefore, the blessing power flows from them themselves to steer events in a positive direction and to increase our attitude to life. The heart chakra opens for the raising of light consciousness. Our aura is cleared and becomes a light-flooded protective shield that strengthens the trust in ourselves, our courage and our self-empowerment.

Sense feelings of security, calmness, warmth and love at the sight of the energy symbols. The sacred geometry and the powerful symbols of AURACOLOGY® let you experience the infinite power of the source. And the more you surround yourself with illuminated natural patterns, the more light you draw towards you. Your aura vital field is raised and you harmonize with the sacred light structures of your divine being – for a new view of life.

“Gratitude is an attitude that connects us to the universal source.

And the more grateful we are, the closer we are to the spiritual core of our being”

This brings you to the highest level of healthy self-esteem and self-love. You cannot get anything that you did not give yourself first. The room is here. The moment is now. Breathe the light. Manifest deep, true love and experience how the most amazing and beautiful love will emerge from nowhere in your world.

If you gratefully meet the holy symbol with a request for luck or with a prayer for protection and help, the healing power increases. Because your personal consecration and admiration is the enhancer for a higher charge of your AURACOLOGY® candle and for igniting its wonderful magic in your life. By connecting with the respective energy symbol on the candle – Buddha, Maria and Ganesha – we can begin an intimate and direct communication with their omnipresent mind. In a figurative sense, we receive an “access code” to necessary information and answers from our inner wisdom. The connection harmonizes all currents in body and mind. Psychological, physical and emotional protection are granted by the power symbol as a blessing. Its main concerns are loving guidance and protection in every moment.

AURACOLOGY® inspires you to celebrate the light of others – and your own starlight. Because every tiny spark of light brings heaven to earth, and every little feeling of gratitude will raise our energy and that of our planet.

“Carefree and childlike joy illuminates
 your subconscious, your aura and thus your life …”