Highenergized Candle
220g • 770g

AURACOLOGY – Breathe the infinite Power of Light and energize your aura by BE BLESSED.

Feel home within yourself, find your amazing grace and true love with the aura of elation, serenity and divine blessing.

BE BLESSED seems like an embracement. It provides necessary protection and makes us feel wrapped and safe. We are encouraged to forgive ourselves, so that the strength of the true maternal and unconditional love can work by introducing healing and miracles into our lives.


Top Spiritual Level: Clary sage (Salvia sclarea)
HeartSoul Level: Palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii var motia),
Myrtle (Myrtus communis, Myrtaceae), Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)
BaseBody Level: Ho-Scho (Cinnamomum camphora)

Flowery, rosy, spicy, fine – with a slightly woody note

BE BLESSED – Connection to our inner Divine Mother Maria
The fine-floral, luminescent fragrance exudes the aura of pure love, wrapped in sensually energizing aromas. Myrtle and palmarosa act like an embrace. And refreshing sage provides light and beauty. Ho-Scho and lavender bring balance. Feel how BE BLESSED floods you with euphoric vitality and new consciousness.


  • 100% pure essential oils from all natural effective light-intense medicinal plants, highenergized®
  • Handmade from pure rapeseed wax, from renewable, sustainable and biodegradable resources
  • Organic • Vegan • Kosher • Halal • Cruelty free
  • Free from artificial fragrances, paraben, paraffin/mineral oils, Nano and GMO

Mel Weisweiler personally assures the pure natural ingredients, the perfect composition of most precious, highly concentrated essences and the fine manufacturing in Europe. These energizing scented candles match the exceptional AURACOLOGY quality standard.

The mouth-blown candle glasses are handcrafted in white gold. The high-quality packaging is multifunctional and recyclable. Rapeseed wax has a longer burning time and demonstrably releases negative ions into the environment which refresh the air. The burning time is about 60 hours at 220g and about 190 hours at 770g.

How to use
Let the candle burn at least until the entire surface is liquid. Shorten the wick regularly to 4 mm and straighten it up in the wax that is still soft. For optimal fragrance development, allow the candle to burn continuously for a maximum of 4 hours.


The Power of Light BE BLESSED grants you universal love, solicitude and secureness. The divine-maternal energy provides joy of life, hope and confidence. And even more. Cosmic dreams can emerge, because your consciousness for intuitive knowledge expands. From new, creative intuition emerges the courage to live on the one hand and a fear-relieving basic trust on the other hand. BE BLESSED affects us with the power of love and works on the higher human level.

The interlaced palms of her hands rest in front of her heart, calm your mind, center you and open up your crown (Sahasrara-)chakra. When we ask Divine Mother Maria for blessing, our heart (Anahata-)chakra begins to open wide. We can feel light energy flowing out of our heart and hand chakras.

Slowly and consciously inhale the relaxing and energizing fragrance through your nose. Ground yourself by breathing deeply into your stomach. Feel home within yourself, here you can rest and dwell. Your soles touch the ground, your spine is straightend and your tongue touches the palate. In doing so, you connect yourself with the light of your inner spirit to dive into the energy flow of your true power. Look at the auratic field of the candle and imagine how you gently inhale the nourishing light into your heart. As you exhale, let this light slowly flow from your heart through your entire body to strengthen all your organs. After about twenty breaths you will feel how you linger in inner peace and heart-mind-balance.


The energy of BE BLESSED takes on many names and forms from the Universal Mother. Christians call her the Holy Mary. Among the ancient alchemists this flaming substance manifested itself as Stella Maris, among the Egyptian people as Isis, among the cosmic beings as Nuit, as Athena among the Greeks. The ancient Templars called her Notre Dame. Tonantzin she was to the Aztec people and Dou Mu in China. She is also the Indian Devi Kundalini Shakti in whose body the universe was formed. If you succeed in connecting with the Universal Mother, your inner values will be refined. To live in harmony with her power means having attentiveness and respect towards people, nature, animals, the self. The candle of the Divine Mother Maria symbolizes pure grace, pure female energy. It stands for the demands of our time: the freedom of grounded femininity and the true essence of love.

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