The infinite Power of Light
and its energizing impact on us

Have you ever seen your inner light before? This flame that enlightens us, warms us, makes us shine and smile. It calms us. Strengthens us. Illuminates us. This feeling of happiness… when it flows through the body, fulfills, embraces, lifts us up… it enables us to float over the everyday life for moments. The source of this happiness is always there. In every single moment. It arises as soon as heart and mind are balanced.

AURACOLOGY opens the gate and combines the Power of Light with the aromas of highly effective medicinal plants.

The knowledge of centuries, bundled in the ethereal scented candles ‘MO CHAO’, ‘BE BLESSED’ and ‘ANANDA’ paves the path to happiness in a holistic way.

Their fragrance imparts a special aura to the surrounding space. Because of their unique elegance and beauty, they also act on the body through the eye. Their pure natural aromas promote a special sense of overly wellbeing, in order to immerse yourself again into the heart-mind-balance.


AURACOLOGY unites the best from all worlds. Hereby, knowledge from Aromatherapy, Meditation, Ayurveda, Nature and Quantum Medicine, Feng-Shui and Salutogenesis flows together, and also intersects with insights from fields of Cosmobiology and Radiesthesia. Within the AURACOLOGY collection, all this interdisciplinary knowledge becomes an holistic, olfactory and energetic experience with the highest standards of quality and design.

„It is my vision that altogether we follow the trail of light and therefore experience the mysterious within us. I hope that we will restore faith in miracles and regain the ability to marvel and hence remember our very own destiny: to experience true bliss as well as pure joy and abundance of life. AURACOLOGY lets us feel again the magic of the inner Power of Light and makes our aura radiate.“

Mel Weisweiler