The mysterious world of plants fascinates us with its ordering intelligence. Yes indeed, they even have a pharmacologically verifiable soul life. Our ethereal compositions are therefore bundled forces whose scents create and shape a very special reality. Plant extracts consist of a variety of chemical compounds which we perceive with our senses. So the secret of essential oils lies in their deep action. They have the ability to directly address brain regions, support cells to reach higher energy levels and create a balanced vegetative. Essential oils also have the power to strengthen our immune system. AURACOLOGY thus addresses levels of consciousness that otherwise can hardly be specifically controlled.

The right fragrances act like superfood on our brain, awakening memories, stimulating the nervous system and releasing hormones. The natural fragrance molecules of AURACOLOGY scents have the ability to release various messenger substances, including the happiness hormone serotonin. For the wonderful feeling of basic trust and inner concentration. For a euphoric sense of wellbeing.

In the white-gold refined glasses, the soul fragrances of the plants merge with creamy, pure rapeseed wax to create a balance blend for intuitive beauty.