A person who is at peace with themselves has a positively radiating charisma. And one likes to be close to them. This electromagnetic vital field that wraps around them like a protective layer is also known as Aura, which translates as “breath” (Greek) or “outflow” (Latin). People have been dealing with this special, elusive force, also called ‘Chi’ or ‘Prana’ in Far Eastern culture, for ages. All along people have tried to describe the secret of this magical light force, which has its origin in a universal, cosmic energy and which shines through and enlivens our physical body. Buddhists speak of the ‘glow of the thousand-petalled lotus’, Indians of the ‘shining crown chakra’, Japanese of the ‘shining jade cushion at the back of the head’. And the Christians see them in the ‘halo’.

       “Our Aura is the radiation of our soul.”

The high vibrating soul impulses of AURACOLOGY are composed to energize the Aura. Because a radiant aura field is our source of energy and activates all chakras and vertebrae. In the luminous energy field of the Aura everything that defines and distinguishes our life is projected in a matrix. This is where our talent and potential, as we live and heal, are already crystallized before we recognize them ourselves. Yet also barriers, diseases, and conflicts energetically begin to occur there, long before they manifest themselves in the organism.

„We humans are light beings.
We come from the light
and design our bodies out of light.”

When we surround ourselves with higher vibrating thoughts, emotions, actions, and intentions our inner frequency is raised and our auratic light begins to shine brighter. Our Heart Chakra – the source of the strongest electromagnetic fields in the body – is activated enormously by this very loving frequency. We can influence the light frequency of our Aura with regards to the degree of the vibration and atmosphere we want do radiate. One who has a recognizably positive charisma sends others the signal that he is happy and healthy, making him more attractive to those around him. What can be said with certainty is, that the more harmoniously the energy flows within the body, the higher our atmosphere, and the brighter we shine. It is like being in love; When our feeling of elation is obvious, we shine bright the for the world to see.


„Like flowers, we send out light through our Aura.
This is how we communicate…”  

AURACOLOGY means immersing in our own light. AURACOLOGY follows the light trail of the new era of the Aura and enables the information of cosmic light force, the aromas of highly effective medicinal plants and healing symbols interact multidimensionally.

The light of the Highenergized® Scented Candles communicates with our inner light. It inspires us to develop lightful thoughts, emotions and intentions, which form our reality. Through our rising frequency our auratic life energy field expands and provides a more intensive inner light force. Hence, we carry everything we need within ourselves and are able to always activate our light further. According to the laws of the universe like attracts like. We get what we give. When we give with love, we mostly get more.

„Your Aura reflects your Power of Light.”

The Aura arises from our essence and is, as it were, the source of our existence. From an energetic point of view, we can understand the Aura as a mirror of our soul. It works like a body of light, like a second layer of skin which surrounds us our whole life, whereby it is often described as an oval oscillation field in shimmering rainbow colors.

Our respective mood and state of health is reflected by its luminosity variable in color, shine and intensity. The Aura vital field in color and form depending on the energy level from one moment to another. In a physical analogy our auratic life energy can also be referred to as weak nuclear current, whose impetuous flow of life energetically maintains our body.

„The Aura is the connection of our body with the source of life.”

If our light body is harmed it is almost impossible for our physical body to heal. A human with a larger and brighter Energy-Aura is more healthy, more balanced, more coherent, and the brain and nervous system function better. To the contrary, if a human has a smaller, cloudy, grey Energy-Aura, more barriers are created. There is an inner imbalance, which may inevitably cause more mental disorders. Subsequently, also clear disbalances of the nervous system and the brain come to show. The quality of a human’s Aura is portrayed by the energetic stability of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual functioning and is reflected by one’s thoughts and behavior in the outside world.

Everything in the cosmos – stars, mountains, beings, plants, and the ocean – vibrates and interacts with each other through the auratic light force fields. Everything has its own energetic signature and sends its characteristic frequency spectrum with different vibrations – even technical devices do so.  However, a majority of those frequencies exists beyond our range of sensory perception. The universal waves of information of the heavenly bodies, which for example inform flowers when they shall bloom and smell, are invisible to our eyes, technically completely concealed, yet still existent.

„Your energy introduces you before you even speak.”

Wherever we go we radiate the light frequency in form of light photons and quanta and are constantly in exchange with all the organic and the inorganic. We can perceive another human’s radiant cover, even if we do not see him, when he is standing behind us for example. Through the subconscious exchange of countless complex and subtle information we immediately feel whether someone is sympathetic to us or not.

Heaven is to be found within ourselves.”

There is a fire burning in every cell of our body; And in our heart, our power source, is where our immortal part slumbers – and within it our destiny. And the key to healing and completeness. Furthermore, the call to burn for what we love! The light trail that we leave can open hearts around us, heal us, and create a new world.

 „Our Aura is the design draft of our body.
The software of our life.“

Our Aura, the ‘skin’ of our soul, protects us from psychological and physical influences from our surroundings so that we are equipped to meet our everyday challenges. Conversely, dull thoughts and negative emotions as well as physical and mental overload weaken the immunological protective function and the radiation of our vital Aura field. At low vibrating energy levels the Aura is weakened, contracts and can affect our health.

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle.”

On the other hand, we know this pure and positive atmosphere, the feeling of being able to embrace the entire world. This lighthearted joy and elation, this extensive happiness lets us appear more attractive. The sun also contributes to this. In the physical and mental sense, we can feel and perceive the solar power as the most elementary source of strength in our body as a sensory impression and positive emotion. It makes our light body vibrate faster and at a higher frequency. Our energy reservoir feels to be charged with light particles.

Let us remember that we should not stop at the outer care of our skin. We live our spiritual destiny when we ourselves are the light and nourish our Aura with the cosmic, subtle frequencies of joy and pure love.

„Let’s radiate strong, healing and loving energy
for a world in a new light.” Mel