A person who is at peace with themselves has a positively radiating charisma. And one likes to be close to them. Now those who rub their palms intensively against each other and then hold them a few centimetres apart can also feel it – this electromagnetic field of radiation that floats like a cushion of air between their hands. These vital energies, which constantly surround us, are also called ‘aura’, which translates as ‘breath of air’ (Greek) or ‘outflow’ (Latin). People have been dealing with this special, elusive force, also called ‘chi’ in Far Eastern culture, for ages. Buddhists speak of the ‘glow of the thousand-petalled lotus’, Indians of the ‘shining crown chakra’, Japanese of the ‘shining jade cushion at the back of the head’. And the Christians see them in the ‘halo’.

Those who have a recognizably positive charisma are assumed to be happy. What can be said with certaintude: The more harmoniously the energy flows in the body, the stronger we radiate. It compare to being in love, when our inner glow is quite obvious.

The AURACOLOGY scented candles amplify this ray with integrated light photons – our aura thus becomes an intuitive means of communication.