Highenergized Candle
220g • 770g

AURACOLOGY – Breathe the infinite Power of Light and energize your aura by MO CHAO.

Feel home within yourself, find your awakening and inner smile with the aura of balance, peace and supreme protection.

The Chinese word MO CHAO signifies ‘source of happiness‘ – which here means the letting go of thoughts and the state of cheerful serenity. This scent composition helps us to follow the voice of our heart. When we arrive in the state of MO CHAO, the heart and mind are in perfect balance. Our soul is within itself.


TopSpiritual Level: Tyrolean Swiss stone pine (Pinus cembra)
HeartSoul Level: Siberian spruce (Abies sibirica),
Tyrolean Swiss stone pine, Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica)
BaseBody Level: Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica)

Woody spicy, fresh, wild and clear – with a balsamic, slightly woody note

MO CHAO – the breath of our inner Buddha…
has a deeply soothing effect due to its woody-fresh aroma. The tonifying scent exudes a feeling of infinite peace through the primordial healing power of untouched mountain forests. Lightness sets in and elevates you above space and time. The invigorating fragrance of Siberian spruce gives you a carefree zest for life. Groundedness, unshakable willpower and the creative clearing spirit of the Tyrolean stone pine root you in the here and now. The spirit of the balsamic Atlas Cedar flows through you with abundance and beauty. The specific fragrance blending of MO CHAO provides you with a contemplative tranquility and serenity.


  • 100% pure essential oils from all natural effective light-intense medicinal plants, highenergized®
  • Handmade from pure rapeseed wax, from renewable, sustainable and biodegradable resources
  • Organic • Vegan • Kosher • Halal • Cruelty free
  • Free from artificial fragrances, paraben, paraffin/mineral oils, Nano and GMO

Mel Weisweiler personally assures the pure natural ingredients, the perfect composition of most precious, highly concentrated essences and the fine manufacturing in Europe. These energizing scented candles match the exceptional Auracology quality standard.

The mouth-blown candle glasses are handcrafted in white gold. The high-quality packaging is multifunctional and recyclable. Rapeseed wax has a longer burning time and demonstrably releases negative ions into the environment which refresh the air. The burning time is about 60 hours at 220g and about 190 hours at 770g.

How to use
Let the candle burn at least until the entire surface is liquid. Shorten the wick regularly to 4 mm and straighten it up in the wax that is still soft. For optimal fragrance development, allow the candle to burn continuously for a maximum of 4 hours.


MO CHAO has the deep ability to shape your potential for stability in life and for ‘becoming whole’.
An infinite feeling of freedom, resting in itself, shows you the way. Your wings of life carry you. Awakedness and self-confidence combine in you. It feels as if a burden has been taken off your shoulders. The vegetative nervous system regulates itself. It brings silence, concentration and clarity into the mind and creates a feeling of strength and peace. It fosters deeper breathing and enhances devotion in meditation. You gain clarity and understanding for yourself and your own present. This leads to deep awareness and inner peace. You inhale the abundance of life. The light energy increases your vitality and endurance. As well as your courage.

Abhaya Mudra
Buddha is like a shield and shows with his right hand the posture of Abhaya, ‘Do not be afraid’. Through the flowing light energy from his hand he blesses the receiver. He gives him divine protection and bliss. The gesture of greeting symbolizes strength, courage and security.

Slowly and consciously inhale the relaxing and energizing fragrance through your nose. Ground yourself by breathing deeply into your stomach. Feel home within yourself, here you can rest and dwell. Your soles touch the ground, your spine is straightend and your tongue touches the palate. In doing so, you connect yourself with the light of your inner spirit to dive into the energy flow of your true power. Look at the auratic field of the candle and imagine how you gently inhale the nourishing light into your heart. As you exhale, let this light slowly flow from your heart through your entire body to strengthen all your organs. After about twenty breaths you will feel how you linger in inner peace and heart-mind-balance.


Buddha – expresses an inner state of ‘becoming whole’ and means ‘the awakened one’ and in Sanskrit ‘the enlightened one’. The great Buddha Siddharta Gautama stands for the teaching of the Inner Path, which is directed towards the goal of the ‘center’ of all things, in search of the awakening of consciousness. Buddhism shows how we can solve our everyday problems and difficulties. It also teaches us how to prevent the causes of strong desire and materialism. Buddha is based on the traditional Hindu concepts of Maya, Karma, Dharma etc.. Buddha Sakyamuni, – his poetic name – managed, by virtue of his meditation, to constantly master his mind in order to attain enlightenment. Through his devotion to the love and compassion of humanity, he has transmitted his teaching. Buddha – also called Tataghata – wants to show us the way to a fulfilled and happy life by finding the truth within ourselves.

„The mind is everything. What you think, you become.“ Buddha

Modern quantum mechanics says that the cell responds to what we think and feel. The way I think is how I am. If we have soley pure thoughts, then we incarnate the Buddha in us.

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