Mel Weisweiler Collection “reflect”

Mel Weisweiler Collection „Reflect“
THE BRIEFING To develop the first Mel Weisweiler Collection together with a German stainless steel manufacturer.
THE DESIGN “Reflect“ is a line of stainless steel furniture with pure, traditional shapes and power colours spreading a holiday feeling. Whether travel offices for the business nomads, or Flying Furniture for family parties, or kitchens on wheels for mobile cooks – the products are multi-purpose for indoor and outdoor use. “Reflect“ is unique, since for the first time stainless steel furniture and accessories have been finished by a transparent colour finishing. By the reflection of the stainless steel, the surface get its three-dimensionality and its high-class look.
“My aim was to revive the good old trolley table by giving it a new look for new applications. The multifunctional use was important to me, so that our mobile society could use it today in the kitchen, tomorrow in the office and the day after in the garden.”